Friday, 16 December 2011

Soundtrack of the day - Royksopp

Short & Sweet

As some of you know, I decided (again) to change my look.
This time, I went for a haircut that I have been coveting for a while but was too scared or too influenced by other people's opinions about it.
It is the "Piecey Pixie" - boy short in the nape of the neck, with layers coming from the back of the head towards the front - IT LOOKS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING.
I am SO happy I did it!
Thanks to the Creative Director of Vidal Sassoon at the Miami Beach branch, I have people stopping me on the streets to ask me where I got my hair cut. (Pascal, you are a genius!)
The new style, not only got me rid of hours of blow drying (my hair wasn't in its best shape due to too much colouring), but it instantly gave me a fresher, younger and more stylish allure. Not to mention the amazing drop earrings I am gonna parade, together with very subtle and suave make up.
I also have to confess that the urge of getting it chopped came from seeing so many all-around-beautiful women wearing something similar, so here a few of inspirational pics:

Michelle Williams

Twiggy circa 1960

The pic I took to Pascal as a reference 

Edie Sedgwick with some serious earrings

The pioneer Linda Evangelista circa 1980

Love Rihanna's bangs

Sienna Miller

Chanel Resort 2012 Campaign