Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Beauty and The Booze

It appeals to everyone. Men and women will be stunned by Moet & Chandon new advertising campaign, after all it is too much beauty and luxury and desire, all wrapped up together.

The new spokesperson for the house of Moet & Chandon, is the first actress ever to endorse the classic brand, the bombshell and fashion muse for many designers, Scarlett Johansson.

In absolutely beautiful shots taken by the famous photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Scarlett is at  the peak of her breathtaking beauty, turning one of the most desired bubblies, into  an even more covetable and status positioning brands.

It definitely works, because I think I need a drink.

Soundtrack of the day - The Third Guitar

Real Talent - Cate Parr

It is refreshing to see nowadays, some emerging real talent in the Fashion business, instead of only the wannabes that sadly, pester the scene in London, specially on the east side of our beloved town.
If for you, Fashion is more then mixing clashing and "conceptual" garments, sporting a ridiculously outrageous hair, picking some weird looking sunnies and calling yourself a blogger, you should definitely keep your eyes open for the work of Cate Parr.
The British artist/designer is a pro in Fashion Illustration and absolutely masters the extremely difficult art of watercolor, depicting with brilliant accuracy and splendid softness what real sensibility and talent are all about.
Here are a few examples of her work, for more log into her website HERE.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

DIY beauty for the Big Day

Even though your wedding day will be remembered as the happiest one of your life, we all know how stressful all the planning behind it can be.

And now, as you are a mature woman ready to take one of the most important steps in the history of your life, we think it is time to tell you the truth: there is no such thing as heavenly beauty without maintenance and the help of products, lots of them!

Sleepless nights worrying about life changing issues such as seating charts and floral arrangements can turn into real nightmares and when you catch your breath to look at yourself in the mirror, you see nothing but large pores, dark circles around your eyes and dull, lifeless skin. Not to panic!

As there is no way of avoiding all the running around and hard work that comes with getting hitched, we put together here a few little life savers that will surely, if not treat, conceal (why not?) the stress marks that sorting out your Big Day brings and will make you look like you just came back from vacation, looking relaxed and gorgeous!

Youth Code Brightening Serum L'oreal - takes dull, out-of-sorts skin and gives it visible smoothness, clarity and evenness. It has a gel texture, ideal for oily prone types of skin.

Visionnaire Lancôme - This brand new product diminishes wrinkles and minimises pores and promises to remove dark age spots.

SK-II Mask - Pre-party miraculous mask for clear and rested skin, comes with an actual mask so you make your own Day Spa at home.
Clarins Anti-eau body oil - treats the body water retention (weight loss in a bottle!!!) while smoothing the skin. In the hands of a professional masseuse it can really make you say good bye to that extra inch.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation - Coverage with natural, powdery finish for poreless skin that lasts for hours.

Dolce & Gabbana Bronzer - With no glitter for a more natural look, makes your skin look like you just came from the Caribbean.

Get 2 Smile - DIY teeth whitening system that works wonders. A  maintenance dentist consultation with their team is included in the package.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime - The best source for wonderful, Hollywood style tresses. You can throw away all other shine, no frizz, volume and bounce products - this one has it all.

Laura Mercier Finishing Powder - Adapts to all skin tones and gives a matte, luminous, porcelain like glow.

ModelCo Fiber Lashes - Forget the falsies and turn your own lashes into vixen ones with this 2 coat mascara.

Old School Glam Bride

For the bride-to-be that loves her body conscious wardrobe but still wants to keep the allure and opulence that every wedding dress should have, nothing says more Old Hollywood Glamour then the "mermaid shape" gowns.

One of the masters of contemporary bridal wear, Elie Saab (click HERE for the entire collections) is a pioneer in mixing intricate beading and luxurious laces to silk and tulle, creating goddess-like styles, worthy of Veronica Lake.

Definitely more suitable for evening parties, this style fits perfectly with either large or smaller, more intimate events and are also a comfortable option for the bride that plans to dance the night away, once the bias cut that enables that shape requires less seaming and corseting to hug the figure in a precise and sensuous way.

Leave it to the beading and embroidery treatments, to give your dress a more festive and glamourous feel or keep it clean and simple for more of a petit comitée type of celebration.

Below, a few breathtaking ideas:

Lace and floral appliqué

Spaghetti strap makes it more informal

Tulle and crystal beading add glamour

Beaded lace overlay

Tulle skirt keeps it romantic

The all time favourite strapless with a modern feel

A sketch by Monique Lhuillier

Halter neck and dropped back

Lace with strategic silk placement

Strapless with beaded tulle and bow shines tradition

Vintage feel with intricate lace and shawl

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Soundtrack of the day - Bon Iver

Cheap & Chic & Unprepared

For those who managed to get a piece of the pie: Congrats!
The Missoni line made exclusively for Target was so brilliant that it was a fiasco. That is exactly it.
Massive lines at the shops, glitchy, non functioning websites and virtual stores, and a lot of angry customers are a few of the known repercussions of the not so well planned engagement.
Apparently, the manufacturers were not prepared for such a high demand and couldn't even deal in an organised way with the hungry fashionistas that looked very much forward to a steal - stores were a hot mess, no sizes of anything, screaming ladies fighting for one last knitted scarf, and a lot to learn from moguls such as H&M and C&A, that bank a considerable share of their profits with co-signed lines with major designers....
Let's hope for a more thought of endeavour to come, after all, we all love the chic bargain.

Missoni for Target sweater

Aurora Borealis

I have always heard of the great spectacle that is to be in Finland for the not so balmy summer nights but being able to watch a real Aurora Borealis, but until I saw this video, I wasn't absolutely stunned and feeling like jumping on a plane ASAP to be able to see this show up close.
The Aurora Borealis is the natural light display in the sky, particularly in the high latitude regions, (Artic and Antartic) caused by the collision of charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere (thermosphere).
That is Mother Nature showing off, at it's best...

Aurora Borealis in Finnish Lapland 2011 from Flatlight Films on Vimeo.