Wednesday, 12 October 2011

DIY beauty for the Big Day

Even though your wedding day will be remembered as the happiest one of your life, we all know how stressful all the planning behind it can be.

And now, as you are a mature woman ready to take one of the most important steps in the history of your life, we think it is time to tell you the truth: there is no such thing as heavenly beauty without maintenance and the help of products, lots of them!

Sleepless nights worrying about life changing issues such as seating charts and floral arrangements can turn into real nightmares and when you catch your breath to look at yourself in the mirror, you see nothing but large pores, dark circles around your eyes and dull, lifeless skin. Not to panic!

As there is no way of avoiding all the running around and hard work that comes with getting hitched, we put together here a few little life savers that will surely, if not treat, conceal (why not?) the stress marks that sorting out your Big Day brings and will make you look like you just came back from vacation, looking relaxed and gorgeous!

Youth Code Brightening Serum L'oreal - takes dull, out-of-sorts skin and gives it visible smoothness, clarity and evenness. It has a gel texture, ideal for oily prone types of skin.

Visionnaire Lancôme - This brand new product diminishes wrinkles and minimises pores and promises to remove dark age spots.

SK-II Mask - Pre-party miraculous mask for clear and rested skin, comes with an actual mask so you make your own Day Spa at home.
Clarins Anti-eau body oil - treats the body water retention (weight loss in a bottle!!!) while smoothing the skin. In the hands of a professional masseuse it can really make you say good bye to that extra inch.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation - Coverage with natural, powdery finish for poreless skin that lasts for hours.

Dolce & Gabbana Bronzer - With no glitter for a more natural look, makes your skin look like you just came from the Caribbean.

Get 2 Smile - DIY teeth whitening system that works wonders. A  maintenance dentist consultation with their team is included in the package.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime - The best source for wonderful, Hollywood style tresses. You can throw away all other shine, no frizz, volume and bounce products - this one has it all.

Laura Mercier Finishing Powder - Adapts to all skin tones and gives a matte, luminous, porcelain like glow.

ModelCo Fiber Lashes - Forget the falsies and turn your own lashes into vixen ones with this 2 coat mascara.

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