Monday, 25 July 2011

Another diva is gone

As bad news travel fast, yesterday morning when I woke up, my flatmate tells me that Amy Winehouse was found dead, at the age of 27, the night before at her East London flat, being the cause an alcohol and drug overdose.

Surprising? Not at all. But sad. Very, very sad.

The woman not only sang like the big names in music history such as Aretha and Billie, but also made an imprint in Fashion with her unique style - the huge fake beehive, the thick cat-eyed black liner and the sailor tattoos, so much it was actually iconic.

In all tabloids she was always portrayed looking horrible, tired, drunk and off, so I wanted to post a few pictures of how I will remember the biggest diva of our time.

Poor Amy. So much talent in such a fragile flask....  Thank you so much for being responsible for the soundtrack of very happy moments. You'll be remembered forever, trouble girl!

Soundtrack of the day - Amy Winehouse

Sex sells

We all know that, at the end of the day (or night?), as Freud put it, everything is driven by sexual desire, and of course, that shouldn't exclude fashion.

The last Fall shows brought an array of Fetish inspired collections, some of them very explicitly, like the surprising Ungaro, that put aside for a moment the pink and purple frills and adopted a wonderful black and white palette, spiced up with leather chokers and cuffs, and others a bit more demure and veiled such as Gucci, that showed lots of colorful  leather, fur and trilby hats.

Even at Louis Vuitton, Kate Moss marched down the catwalk, wearing velvet hot pants, killer lace-up boots (that were said to have taken something around 45 minutes to be put on once there is no back zipper to emphasize the ritual of power dressing up) and a cropped leather and fur jacket. The post-coital cigarette and the tiny eye mask are very illustrative of this new kinky mood fever.

Here, a few inspirational images and the latest on the runways. So cool, it HURTS.

Latex corset

Extreme eyelashes

Bondage wear

Latex stockings

Pin-up make up

La Moss for Louis Vuitton

Alexander McQueen Fall 11

Azzedine Alaia Fall 11

Azzedine Alaia cut-out corset belt

Emanuel Ungaro

Killer Louboutins

Friday, 22 July 2011

Meaty business

Ok, I know that publishing this post right after the post about Vogue Italia's renasentist women might appear a bit like an ode to bigger women, but YES, THAT IS IT!

I am so happy to see that finally, women that are sizes 10, 12 and above can look at the glossies and feel that they also can be beautiful, sexy and fashionable.

Of course, that doesn't diminish the shine and sex appeal of heavenly creatures like the ones you have seen on my last post about the Swimsuit Issue, but it is very refreshing to see the world has not gone totally mad and is able to acknowledge beauty in all it's shapes and sizes. (By the way, Crystal Renn is NOT big, and yes, a normal sized woman and the industry insists on labeling her a "plus size model"....argh)

Here, a face-off between Skinny and Curvy provided by the great Terry Richardson, where the models wear exactly the same outfit, on different body shapes - Who is working it??? I know my opinion.....


I was at a friend's studio the other day while he recorded a few of his new songs and I got my hands onto the V Magazine with a ridiculously big spread by Mario Testino called the Swimsuit Edition, and I couldn't help but drool all over those pages, filled with unbelievably, steamy hot people...

Needless to say, my convincing skills scored me the magazine, that I will treasure for ever and of course, share with you here, the wonder of beauty!

Disclaimer: Sit tight and if anything, DO NOT look in the mirror for the next hour and keep your man away from this post!!!

Lara Stone

Kate Moss

Carmen Kass


Raquel Zimmerman


Carolyn Murphy
Eva Herzigova



Doutzen Kroes

Soundtrack of the day - La Roux

New Look

Here is a little moodboard made for NEW LOOK Fall/Winter 12, inspired in the Boho, Festival Trend!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Real World

A reasonable tribute to a healthy and real feminine image was featured on the cover and on the main spread of Vogue Italia, showing that women can be beautiful even if they don't look like stick figures or living hangers.
Breathe out girls!

Shopping list

Monday, 18 July 2011

Soundtrack of the day - Metronomy

Street cool

Lately I have been very keen on fashion that is anything but mainstream - Living in London does that to you: it is as if you are able to peel the top layers of your pre-conceived style, reaching to the very core of what you feel comfortable wearing and how you perceive your beauty.
Cheers to uniqueness!

Saturday, 16 July 2011


First, I would like to thank all people that kindly commented on my new picture recently posted on Facebook, being your opinion either favourable or not as much... (oh well, can't win them all, can you?)

The thought of leaving behind my blondeness (and the the disastrous consequences of peroxide to my almost black hair) and turning into a redheaded vixen has been appealing to me for quite a while, and I have been collecting images here and there that would serve as inspiration (and support in case people absolutely hated it...)

The more I look at this images the more I feel this is the perfect hair colour for this moment of my life and how exciting it is to be picking new make-up tones and looking at your wardrobe in a complete different light!