Friday, 22 July 2011

Meaty business

Ok, I know that publishing this post right after the post about Vogue Italia's renasentist women might appear a bit like an ode to bigger women, but YES, THAT IS IT!

I am so happy to see that finally, women that are sizes 10, 12 and above can look at the glossies and feel that they also can be beautiful, sexy and fashionable.

Of course, that doesn't diminish the shine and sex appeal of heavenly creatures like the ones you have seen on my last post about the Swimsuit Issue, but it is very refreshing to see the world has not gone totally mad and is able to acknowledge beauty in all it's shapes and sizes. (By the way, Crystal Renn is NOT big, and yes, a normal sized woman and the industry insists on labeling her a "plus size model"....argh)

Here, a face-off between Skinny and Curvy provided by the great Terry Richardson, where the models wear exactly the same outfit, on different body shapes - Who is working it??? I know my opinion.....

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  1. Love! the skinny girl looks like like a 7 year old. Which she probably is...