Monday, 25 July 2011

Another diva is gone

As bad news travel fast, yesterday morning when I woke up, my flatmate tells me that Amy Winehouse was found dead, at the age of 27, the night before at her East London flat, being the cause an alcohol and drug overdose.

Surprising? Not at all. But sad. Very, very sad.

The woman not only sang like the big names in music history such as Aretha and Billie, but also made an imprint in Fashion with her unique style - the huge fake beehive, the thick cat-eyed black liner and the sailor tattoos, so much it was actually iconic.

In all tabloids she was always portrayed looking horrible, tired, drunk and off, so I wanted to post a few pictures of how I will remember the biggest diva of our time.

Poor Amy. So much talent in such a fragile flask....  Thank you so much for being responsible for the soundtrack of very happy moments. You'll be remembered forever, trouble girl!

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